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Box Type Power Distribution Room

The XPW-0.4 box type power distribution room is designed adhering to the principle of security, economy, rationality and reliability. It can be applied to the power distribution system of AC 50Hz-60Hz, rated working voltage 380V and rated operating current 3200A. With an overall dimension of 2660×5000(4000,3000)×3000mm (H×L×W), this equipment can achieve electric energy conversion, distribution and control of power, lighting and distribution equipment.

Type Description

Technical Data
Rated insulation voltage: 660V
Rated operating frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
Working voltage of auxiliary circuit
AC: 110V, 200V, 380V
DC: 110V, 220V
Rated operating current: 1000A, 1500A, 2000A, 2500A, 3200A
Rated short-circuit strength
Breaking capacity: 50KA
Peak withstand current: 105KV

Structural Features
1. The frame is assembled from local welding of channel steel and angle iron, the strength and bearing capacity of which can meet the installation requirements of the electrical control cabinet. Flame-retardant and heat-resistant materials are filled inside the interlayer to improve the performance of power distribution room.
2. The door is well connected by rotary hinge for easy installation and removal. A rubber insertion strip is also added to prevent direct collision of the door and the main body, as well as improve the protection class of the door.
3. The four top corners are equipped with hidden rings for easy lifting and shipping.

Installation, Use and Maintenance
The box type power distribution room should be installed in strict accordance with the following drawings.

1. The product is installed outdoors, and only qualified professionals can enter or open it for operation, inspection and maintenance.
2. The air circuit breaker after several times of operation may cause local burn of main contact, generation of carbon-based material and increase of contact resistance. Hence, it should be regularly maintained and overhauled in compliance with the manual.

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