Low Voltage Drawer Switch Cabinet

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Low Voltage Drawer Switch Cabinet

GS-GCK range low voltage drawer switch cabinet comes with fully assembled structure. The cabinet framework is composed of upright columns which are made using steel sheets through special punching techniques, connecting pieces, cabinet door, installation plates, and many other components which are screw connected and fastened. As compared with welded framework, the structure offers better structure stability. In addition, the parts have high universality, making the switch cabinet easy for maintenance.

Type Description

The low voltage drawer switch cabinet is commonly used in AC 50Hz-60Hz electrical circuits, with its rated working voltage no more than 660V. It can be used as the power distribution center (PC unit) and motor control center (MCC unit). The product conforms to IEC60439-1, GB7251.1, JB/T9661-1999, and other related low voltage electrical apparatus standards.

The electrical apparatus is made up of busbar room, cable room and components room. The horizontal busbar and neutral line are installed at the top part of GS-GCK, and PE insulated wires are fixed on the cabinet using high strength insulated clamps. The cable room is on the right side of the cabinet, and the components room is on the front left side. The components room is further divided into many small compartments to isolate different electrical circuits, thus ensuring safety and avoid circuit failure spreading. The drawer switch cabinet is earth connected via the PE insulation wire, ensuring high safety through reliable earth connection in either normal working or failure conditions. Insulation boards are adopted to seal the cabinet bottom, which can effectively prevent small animals entering. In addition, the external housing has IP3X protection grade. These designs make sure our GS-GCK range of products have reliable and safe performance.

Cabinet Structure Diagram
PC Unit MCC unit installed away from wall MCC unit installed against wall

Outline and Installation Dimensions

PC Unit MCC unit installed against wall MCC unit installed away from wall

Installation dimensions (mm)
Width (A) Depth (B) Installation hole distance (a)Installation hole distance (b)

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