Low Voltage Separated Switch Cabinet

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Low Voltage Separated Switch Cabinet

GS-GLG low voltage separated switch cabinet is particularly suitable for low voltage power distribution, motor control and lighting control in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, power stations and other industrial enterprises.

Electrical Equipment Performance
Technical Parameters as seen in Table 1

Rated insulation voltage, UiAlternating current, 690(1000)V
Rated operating voltage, UeMain electrical circuitAlternating current, 415(690)V
Auxiliary electrical circuitAlternating current, 380V, 220V, 110VDirect current, 220V, 110V
Rated frequencyFrom 50Hz to 60Hz
Rated currentHorizontal bus bar≤4000A
Vertical bus bar≤1000A
Rated short-time(IS)withstand current, Icw50KA, 80KA
Rated peak withstand current, Ipk105KA, 176KA
Cabinet size
Degree of protectionIP30, IP40
Structural Characteristics
1. The mounting holes with the mounting modulus of 20mm are installed on the 8MF type main frame of our low voltage separated switch cabinet. The structural parts are manufactured by superior quality cold rolled steel plate through zinc coating treatment, or they can be made of imported galvalume steel plate. Due to the small resistance, the joints can pass through a certain current of short circuit. The panel of our equipment features rather strong ability of corrosion resistance by adoption of powder spraying process.
2. Our cabinet is enclosed type. Its front and back doors utilize the hinge open structure. The top of our cabinet is our main bus bar room, where we mount the metal sealing plate with the ventilating window. Both horizontal bus bar and neutral bus bar can be available in this main bus bar.
3. Ground bus bar is set at the bottom of our low voltage separated switch cabinet, which can run through full length. The control room is generally arranged on the upper part of PC cabinet. The lower chamber of this PC cabinet is the main switch. Additionally, the functional unit room of MCC cabinet is separated by the bulkhead as seen in figure 1. Each circuit occupies a unit. The unit fault will not influence the other functional units and then enlarge the accident coverage. The front part of our cabinet is functional chamber with the combined height of 1720mm. On the back of the cabinet, there is a cable room for laying the primary cable and the secondary cable. Also, the secondary terminal can be available in this room.
4. Vertical bus bar is located on the middle part of the rear panel, which is shielded by fire retardant insulation board. In use of insulated casing, the joints can be effectively isolated. After our users finish the cable connection, the outgoing wire terminal of each circuit can be covered by the insulating sheath provided by the manufacturer. Thus, our product can provide the best security, convenient maintenance as well as large space of cable room.
5. The functional unit chamber can be divided into five types, including 340, 420, 560, 860 and 1720. Each cabinet can contain at most 10 chambers with the specification of 340×400 or 340×500. Moreover, the components of our low voltage separated switch cabinet are suitable for fixed type installation. For convenient maintenance, we have designed various types of scheme about plugging the main switch, such as 01-04, 11, 12, 26, 31-33, 41, 44, 51, 52, 61, 62 etc.

Figure 1 Outline Drawing

Electrical Elements
Electrical elements of our low voltage separated switch cabinet possess superior performance, security, reliability, high efficiency and so on, which include Q series rotary isolation switch, different types of incoming wire switch like GSW1, AH, AE, M and F series, various plastic shell switch such as GSM1, CM1, TM30 and MB30 series, distinct contactors like GSC1, CJX4, 3TB and CJ20 series, as well as diversified series of thermal relay such as JRS4 and 3UA etc. With regard to GSW1 series and AH series plug-in circuit breaker, its cabinet depth should be above 800mm because of its large volume.

Installation and Usage
In accordance with the size of cabinet footing provided by the manufacturer, our users might as well accomplish the steel channel base in advance as seen in figure 2. Then, users can easily place the cabinet, fasten the connection between the footing and the cabinet, install the horizontal bus bar etc.

Furthermore, our customers should provide the steel channel and the bolt for themselves. If you require the horizontal bus bar, you can propose it in the contract. To satisfy the needs of our users, the manufacturer can also offer the assembled switch cabinet, which is mounted on the steel channel chassis with its assembled length of no more than 3.2m. Before leaving the factory, every combined horizontal bus bar has been well mounted. The bus bar fittings can be also provided. Finally, our users can open a hole on the insulation board at the bottom of our cabinet and then introduce the cable according to the required quantities and diameters of the incoming and outgoing cable.

Figure 2 Installation Diagram

TS213 is a specialized low voltage separated switch manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company offers a variety of products, including fixed metal enclosed switchgear, automatic transfer switch, terminal, and contactor relay, among others.

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