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Low Voltage Withdrawable Switch Cabinet

GS-GCS low voltage withdrawable switch cabinet is a kind of electrical equipment, which can be widely used for motive power, power distribution, motor control and capacitance compensation in power plants, substations, petrochemical industry, tall buildings etc. Also, it can be available in big power stations, large scale of petrochemical systems and other areas to meet the special demand for computer interface.

This low voltage withdrawable switch cabinet is characterized by high dynamic and thermal stability, flexible electrical design, convenient combination, strong practicability, novel structure, high degree of protection, superb ability of breaking and connecting etc. Moreover, our product conforms to such standards as IEC60439-1, GB7251.1 and JB/T9661-1999.

In line with the requirements of our energy consumers and the design department, our switch cabinet is designed on the principle of security, reliability, economical efficiency and reasonableness to satisfy the needs of the continuously developing electricity market for capacity increase, computer interface, power concentrated instrument control, convenient installation and maintenance, the accident processing time reduction and so on.

Type Descriptions

Electrical Equipment Performance
1. Technical Parameters as seen in Table 1
Rated insulation voltage, UiAlternating current, 660(1000)V
Rated operating voltage, UeMain electrical circuitAlternating current, 380(660)V
Auxiliary electrical circuitAlternating current, 380V, 220V, 24VDirect current, 220V, 110V
Rated frequencyFrom 50Hz to 60Hz
Rated currentHorizontal bus bar≤4000A
Vertical bus bar1000A
Rated short-time(IS)withstand current, Icw50(80)KA
Rated peak withstand current, Ipk105(176)KA
Cabinet size
Degree of protectionIP40, up to IP54

2. Electrical Circuit Scheme
Main electrical circuit scheme
With regard to this low voltage withdrawable switch cabinet, there are 32 sets of main electrical circuit schemes with 118 different specifications. Our main circuit scheme excludes the derivative scheme and specifications resulted from the changes of auxiliary circuit control and protection.

With the rated operating current of 4000A, this scheme is extremely suitable for the distribution transformers of below 2500KVA, which can completely satisfy the needs of power generation, power supply and energy consumers.

Furthermore, capacitance compensation cabinet is specially designed to increase the power factor. Considering the needs for the comprehensive investment, we make the reactor.

Auxiliary electrical circuit scheme
We have designed 120 GCS auxiliary circuit schemes. The scheme for direct current operation is mainly suitable for low voltage systems in power stations and substations, or power incoming cable, power feeder and motor feeder. Meanwhile, the alternating current operated auxiliary scheme can fit into the low voltage systems of both industrial enterprises and tall buildings. Among them, 6 types of combination scheme can be suited for the operating control of double power incoming cable.

The complete cabinet is composed of the drawer units. Its direct current controlled power supply possesses DC 220V or 110V, and its alternating current controlled power is AC 380V or 220V. Moreover, the public control power is specially used to control the power supply of the transformer inside our product, which adopts non grounded type. 24V power supply is used for weak signal lights.

If you want to know more information about the mounted places of electric energy meter, the methods of voltage introduction as well as the other requirements for installation and usage, you can refer to the description in the auxiliary circuit diagram.

3. Bus bar
We apply TMY-T2 series rigid copper bars to this bus bar. In accordance with the requirements, we can also utilize the tin bus bar or the silver plated copper bus bar. In this way, we can not only strengthen the dynamic and thermal stability of bus bar, but also improve the temperature rise of the contact surface.

Horizontal bus bar
Horizontal bus bar is placed in the rear bus bar compartment of our cabinet. Its double layer arrangement possesses more than 3150A, and the single layer arrangement has less than 2500A. Each phase consists of 4 or 2 bus bars. Thus, the strength of short circuit can be significantly increased.

Optional Copper Bars for Horizontal Bus Bar as seen in Table 2

Rated current(A)Specifications of copper bars
630 12502(50×5)
Vertical bus bar
Vertical bus bar is used for drawers, which utilizes L shaped rigid copper tin bus bar.
Specifications of L Shaped Bus Bar
( Height × Thickness ) +(Bottom × Thickness ), mm(50×5)+(30×5)
Rated current1000A
Neutral ground bus bar
Neutral ground bus bar is treated by rigid copper bars.
Specifications of horizontal neutral ground bus bar ( PEN ) or ground plus neutral bus bar (PE+N ) as seen in Table 3
Sectional area of phase conductorSectional area in use of PE(N)bus bar

The required specification of vertical PEN bus bar or PE+N bus bar is 40×5.

4. Electronic Components
We primarily choose electronic components which possess advanced technical performance index and can be produced in batch.

Structural Features
1. Main frame of our low voltage withdrawable switch cabinet is made of 8MF type steel. You can assemble or partly weld the frame.
2. All function rooms of this equipment are strictly separated. The separated room can be mainly divided into functional unit room, bus bar room and cable room.
3. Additionally, the horizontal bus bar is not mounted on the top of the cabinet, so you can find the outgoing wire channel above and below the cable room. Therefore, our product can solve the problem of the old product.
4. Universal cabinet size can be seen in Table 4.

Height (mm)2200
Width (mm)4006008001000
Depth (mm)8001000800100060080010006008001000

5. Functional unit
Each drawer is an independent functional unit. Drawers with the same functional unit can provide outstanding interchangeability.
6. Cable compartment
Both the feeder cabinet and the motor control cabinet are equipped with specialized cable compartment. We can take special measures to realize the cable connection between the functional unit room and cable room, which can not only improve the reliability of cable, but also provide great convenience for the cable installation and maintenance. This cable compartment has two optional widths, 240mm and 400mm. The width depends on cable quantities, sectional area and the requirements of our users.
7. We adopt 32 auxiliary contacts of the equipment functional unit for more than 1 unit and 20 auxiliary contacts for a half unit, which can satisfy the requirements for computer interface.
8. Considering the universality and security of dry transformer and the economical efficiency of oil immersed transformer, our product can be not only easily combined with dry transformer, but also conveniently connected with the low voltage bus bar of oil immersed transformer.
9. Both drawer type and fixed type can be available in our low voltage withdrawable switch cabinet, which can be also combined at random.
10. Our product is designed in keeping with three phase five wire system and three phase four wire system, so it is really convenient for our users and the design department to choose PE+N or PEN method.
11. Protection degree of our cabinet can be IP30 and IP40 for option in accordance with the requirement of our customers.

TS213 is a specialized low voltage withdrawable switch cabinet manufacturer based in China. Our company offers a vast range of products including plastic cover circuit breaker, AC low voltage power distribution cabinet, switch contactor, AC contactor, and more.

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