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Fixed Metal Enclosed Switchgear

Type Description

HXGN15A-12ZF (R) fixed metal enclosed switchgear is applicable for use in the power distribution system in residential buildings, high rise official buildings, parks, industrial and mining industries, and so on. It usually functions as the terminal power distribution unit and power supply unit for AC, three phase, 50Hz, 12KV looped network. It can be used for rated load current and transformer no-load current making and breaking, and the making and breaking of overhead line in a certain distance, cable line, and the capacitance current of a capacitor bank. The load switch and fuse protector combined electrical cabinet can be used to break short circuit current at a time. All in all, the switchgear has electrical distribution equipment protection, electrical distribution and control, and other related functions in a power system.

This switch cabinet incorporates manual and electrical spring mechanisms to operate the load switch, and its earthing switch and isolating switch are equipped with a manual operation mechanism. The product conforms to GB3906 standard.

Typically, the fixed metal enclosed switchgear is composed of three parts that are the cable incoming unit, cable outgoing unit and transformer protection and isolation unit. According to customers'demands, it can be designed with more additional units.

In order to assure reliable performance and safety, the electrical equipment should be inspected and maintained one time after 2000 times of on-off action of load switch. Meanwhile, the equipment should be cleaned and maintained every year.

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