Socket Box

The GSXC socket box can be directly mounted against a wall or embedded inside the wall for installation. It is available with a small door on the concealed panel for convenient switching operation. Made of thin steel plate, it is composed of housing, panel, busbar, zero line, grounding bar, and other components. It is mainly equipped with the DZX2 and DZX4 type circuit breakers as well as 86Z and AC30 series sockets inside the box.

The device is suitable for the indoor lighting distribution lines with AC 50Hz, voltage 380V/220V, DC 220V or below. It can be used as protection against circuit overload, short circuit, or electricity leakage. Currently, it is widely applied in civil constructions, hotels, shops, offices, schools, railway stations, airports, hospitals, factories, etc.

Type Description

There are five types of GSXC socket box.
GSXC-1 type with single-pole main switch
GSXC-2 type with triple-pole main switch
GSXC-3 type with single-pole leakage protection main switch
GSXC-4 type with three-pole leakage protection main switch
GSXC-5 type without main switch
Note: the box thickness is 90mm. (please notify for other special requirements)

Technical Specifications
1. The rated voltage is AC 380V/220V or DC 220V.
2. The maximum total input current should not exceed 60A. 10A, 15A, 20A, 32A, 40A, 50A, or 60A is preferred.
3. The socket box is available with 86Z series 15A or 25A three-phase four-pole socket, 10A or 25A single-phase three-pole socket, or 10A single-phase two-pole socket.

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