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The GS-3B lighting, metering, socket distribution box should be well installed according to the instruction. It should be inspected and maintained after installed and before put into operation. For example, the user needs to check whether the wire is correctly connected according to the schematic, and whether the operating handle is flexible. In addition, the insulation resistance value measured should not be less than 1.5ΜΩ, and the leakage protection component should be dismantled during measurement. By the way, the work zero line (N line) does not allowed to be mixed with the protective earth wire (PE); otherwise, it will affect the normal use of the device and even cause electric shock accident.

As a China-based lighting, metering, socket distribution box manufacturer and supplier, TS213 also offers energy metering box, residual current circuit breaker, button switch, and switch contactor, among others.

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