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Armoured AC Metal Enclosed Switchgear

KYN28A-12 armoured AC metal enclosed switchgear is an indoor power distribution unit meeting GB3906, DL404, and IEC-298 standards. It can be used for receiving and distribute electrical power from 3.6kV to 12kV, and control, protection and monitoring of electrical circuits.

The electrical equipment has five typical protection functions to assure operation reliability and safety. It can be equipped with either ZN63A vacuum circuit breaker or imported VD4 type. The switchgear conforms to IEC-298 and GB3906 standards, and also completely meets the application requirements specified in GB/T11022-1999 standard.

Technical Specifications
1. Switchgear specifications

Rated voltage KV3.6 7.2 12
Rated insulation voltage 1min power frequency withstand voltageKV42
Lightning impulse withstand voltage KV75
Rated frequency Hz50
Rated current A630~3150
Main bus rated current A1250, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3150
Branch bus rated current A630, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500, 3150
Rated short-time withstand current (4s)KA20, 25, 31.5, 40
Rated peak withstand current KA50, 63, 100, 130
Protection grade External housing: IP4X
Circuit breaker cabinet door opened: IP2X
Dimension (Width*Depth*Height)mm800 (1000)*1500 (1800)*2300
Weight Kg800~1200
2. ZN63A circuit breaker specifications
Rated voltage KV3.6 7.2 12
Rated insulation voltage1min power frequency withstand
voltage (effective value)
Lightning impulse withstand voltage
(peak value before breaking)
Lightning impulse withstand voltage
(peak value after breaking)
Rated frequency Hz50
Rated current A630~3150
Rated capacitor bank current
(single capacitor bank / back to back capacitor bank group)
Rated short circuit breaking current KA20, 25, 31.5, 40
4s short circuit withstand current KA20, 25, 31.5, 40
Rated short-time withstand current (4s)KA50, 63, 100, 130
Rated peak withstand current KA50, 63, 100, 130
Rated operation sequence Breaking-180s later- closing and
breaking - 180s later - closing and breaking again
Automatic reclosing operation sequence Breaking-0.3s later- closing and
breaking - 180s later - closing and breaking again
Closing time ms≤100
Opening time ms≤50
Arc time ms≤15
Breaking times at rated short circuit breaking current 50 times (30 times at 40KA)
Mechanical lifespan 20000 times
Max. accumulated thickness loss of fixed and moving contacts mm3
3. Actuator specifications
Rated operation voltage Closing coil VDC 220/110
Opening coil VAC 220/110
Coil powerClosing coil W245
Opening coil W245
Energy-preservation motor powerW70
Rated voltage of energy-preservation motorVDC 220/110
Energy-preservation time S≤15
External Dimensions and Weight
Cabinet size
Height B (mm)2300
Width, A (mm)When branch bus's rated current is up to 1250A, and the short circuit withstand current is 31.5KA 800
When branch bus's rated current is up to 1600A or above 1000
Depth, C (mm)Cable connection 1500
Overhead wire connection 1800
Weight (kg)800-1200

Circuit breaker sizes

Structure Description
The armoured AC metal enclosed switchgear is mainly composed of a fixed external cabinet and a drawable unit. As the equipment installation, maintenance and testing can be completed from the front side, it can be installed against the wall to save installation space and improve the installation flexibility and safety.

1. External cabinet and partition plates
The cabinet and the partition plates among different functional modules are made using Al-Zn alloy-coated steel sheet through processing steps such as machine tool processing and bending. Due to this, our AC metal enclosed switchgears offer uniform and accurate dimension, and have strong corrosion and anti-oxidization performances. Meanwhile, the superior quality provides higher mechanical strength than similar steel plates. With the help of partition boards, the entire switchgear cabinet is divided into drawable room, bus room, cable room, relay and instrument room or low voltage component room. Each single room can be reliably ground connected. The cabinet door undergoes plastic powder coating treatment, so it comes with aesthetical appearance and resistance to corrosion and impact as well.

2. Drawable unit
The steel plate for manufacturing the framework of the drawable unit is cut using laser cutting equipment, and then welded together using rivet welding technology. This assures accurate size and high strength. According to applications, the drawable unit is classified into drawer units for circuit breaker, voltage transformer, and energy measurement instruments. Units with the same dimension can be replaced with each other.
Inside the switchgear cabinet, there are Testing Position and Working Position for the units, and there is locking device for each position to prevent random movement of them.

3. Partition rooms inside the cabinet
Inside the switchgear cabinet, there are seven partition rooms.
(1) Circuit breaker room. Inside the room, there is a guide rail allowing the corresponding drawable unit to move between Working Position and Testing Position when necessary. There is a movable door at the rear wall of the drawable cabinet. It can effectively prevent operators from electric shock dangers. Through an inspection hole, operators are able to observe the drawable unit's position inside the cabinet, the circuit breaker SWITCH ON and OFF buttons, and more. These assure a safe and convenient operation.
(2) Bus room. There are main bus, branch bus, and busbar protective sleeve inside the room. All busbars can be provided with heat shrink insulating bush to ensure safety. The flat branch bus is connected to fixed contact cabinet and main bus using screws, without any requirement of clip or insulator. The bus protective sleeve functions to fix the busbars, which can guarantee the mechanical strength of busbar and prevent damages of neighboring switchgear cabinet caused by melting down of busbar.
(3) Connection cable room. Current transformers and earthling switches can be fixed on the top and the front and back sides of the cable room, and lightning arresters can be mounted inside the cable room. Cable connection can be conveniently conducted when the circuit breaker drawer unit and the drawable and removable partition board is moved away from their original positions. Meanwhile, there are cable connection conductors and a removable metallic seal plate for cables, which makes on-site cable connection more convenient.
(4) Low voltage instrument room. Relays, instruments, and other monitoring, control and protective devices can be installed inside this room. Control circuits are laid in wiring casing and are available with a metallic seal plate for protection purposes.
(5) Anti-misoperation interlocking device. The interlocking devices are designed to assure safety and provide protections to operators and equipment.
(6) Pressure release device room. Pressure release devices are available at the upper part of the drawable unit, bus room and cable room. When there is circuit breaker or busbar failure, electric arc is generated. This may cause pressure increase inside the cabinet. Pressure release devices function to release pressure, thus protect the safety of operators and the metal enclosed switchgear as well.
(7) Secondary plug and drawable unit positions interlocking system. Before dragging out the drawable cabinet, operators should disconnect the secondary plug to avoid damages.
(8) Earth connection system. There is an especially designed 10×40mm copper busbar for earth connection inside the cable room. The copper busbar can pass through neighboring switch cabinets as well. This, coupled with the entire switchgear cabinet which comes with good ground connection condition as well, can make sure the operator is completely safety when touch the cabinet.
Freestanding installation Installation against wall

A. Bus room
B. Drawable room/cabinet
C. Cable room
D. Relay and instrument room (low voltage instrument room)

1. Pressure release device
2. External housing (cabient)
3. Brach bus
4. Busbar protective sleeve
5. Main bus
6. Fixed contacts
7. Fixed contact cabinet
8. Current transformer
9. Earthing switch
10. Cables
11. Lightning arresters
12. Ground connected main bus
13. Partition board
14. Movable door (partition board)
15. Secondary plug
16. Circuit breaker drawer unit
17. Heating devices
18. Drawable and removable partition board
19. Earthing switch operation mechanism
20. Control bus duct
21. Removable metallic seal plate for cables

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