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    1. Universal Circuit BreakerGSW1 series universal circuit breaker is designed to protect electric circuits and electrical equipment from damages caused by overload, under-voltage, short circuit, single-phase earth fault, and so on. It can be used as load switch or switch disconnector.
    1. Molded Case Circuit BreakerGSM1 range molded case circuit breaker is ideal for infrequent switching of an electric circuit and the infrequent starting of a motor. Our 4-pole breakers are ideal for use in electrical distribution systems to provide short circuit, overload protection, and infrequent circuit switching functions.
    1. Residual Current Circuit BreakerGSL1 range residual current circuit breaker comes with rated insulation voltage of 800V, rated working current of 400V, and rated working current of 630V, and is applicable for infrequent switching of AC 50Hz circuits, and the infrequent starting control of electric motors as well.
    1. Automatic Transfer SwitchGSA1 series of automatic transfer switch is designed for use in dual-power supply electrical systems, and the dual-power supply system could be mains supply and standby power supply, or the mains supply and power generating system.
    1. Miniature Circuit BreakerGSB2 range miniature circuit breaker is an ideal electrical switch to protect electrical circuits in buildings, and it also comes with isolation function. It can be combined with other electrical apparatus such as auxiliary contacts, alarming contacts, shunt trip and more to achieve additional functions.
    1. Earth Leakage Circuit BreakerGSB2L-63 range earth leakage circuit breaker is mainly composed of a GSB2 series miniature breaker and an earth leakage protection module. It is designed for automatic switch of AC 50Hz and 60Hz electrical circuits with rated working voltage of 425V and rated working current of 63A or below.
    1. Mini Circuit Breaker The circuit breaker is maintenance free, and users are not allowed to adjust its internal and external structure without authority. While wiring, wiring terminals with clamps are required, and make sure the wiring is correct and wiring terminals and the wires are connected securely.
    1. Leakage Circuit BreakerGSB2L-32N range of leakage circuit breaker is characterized by small size, light weight and high breaking capacity. Its width is 36mm only. The product conforms to IEC61009-1 and GB16917.1 standards.
    1. Miniature BreakerOur miniature circuit breaker adopts modular structure design, and can be combined with shunt release, auxiliary contacts, alarming contacts, and more accessories to achieve more additional functions. It has advantages such as small size, light weight, and high breaking capacity.
    1. Plastic Cover Circuit BreakerDZX2/4-100 circuit breaker is designed with a plastic cover and modular structure. It can be combined with other functional modules such as shunt release, undervoltage release, overvoltage release, alarming contact and auxiliary contacts to achieve more functions.
    1. Electric Breaker Equipment AccessoriesAccording to users' demand, variety of electrical breaker equipment accessories can be used in combination with DZX2/4 series circuit breakers, thus enabling the breaker to achieve more functions such as undervoltage protection, overvoltage protection, and status display, among others.
    1. Small Circuit BreakerDZX2-32N range small circuit breaker is designed for overload and short circuit protections for single phase AC 50Hz electrical circuits, and it comes with rated working voltage up to 220V, and rated working current up to 32A or below.
    1. Leakage Protection Circuit BreakerDZX2-32NL range leakage protection circuit breaker has maximum width of 36mm only. Its compact size contributes to light weight as well. Meanwhile, it offers high breaking capacity. It complies with the requirements of IEC61009 and GB16917 standards.
    1. Residual Current Leakage Circuit BreakerDZX2-60L and DZX4-40L ranges of residual current circuit breaker are designed to offer high level residual current protection, overload and short circuit protection functions. In addition, we can also offer special types of product to achieve more additional functions.
    1. Circuit Breaker with Leakage ProtectionDZX2/4-100L range residual current circuit breaker is mainly made up of a DZX2/4-100 circuit breaker and a leakage protection module. It is ideal for use in AC 50Hz electrical circuits, and comes with rated working voltage up to 415V and rated working current up to 100A.
    1. Miniature DC Circuit BreakerGSB1Z-40 range miniature DC circuit breaker is applicable for use in DC electrical circuits to offer overload protection, short circuit protection and infrequent circuit switching functions. Its rated working voltage is up to 250V and rated working current is 40A.
    1. Isolation SwitchGSG1-100 range isolation switch is designed to function as the main switch in electrical distribution system to discontinue or connect electrical circuit with load. When it is on switching-on status, it allows the normal working current to pass through and also comes ...
    1. Separated SwitchGSG2 range separated switch is more commonly known as isolation switch or disconnector. It is designed for infrequent connecting, breaking, and isolation of an AC 50Hz 690V or DC 440V electrical circuit in power distribution system and motor systems. Its rated working current is up to 1600A.
    1. Electric Surge ProtectorGSU1 range electric surge protector is mainly used in AC 50Hz or 60Hz, 380V or below, TT, IT, TN-S, TN-C, and TN-C-S systems to offer lightning protection and over voltage surge protections. It is manufactured according to GA173, IEC61643-1.1, and GB18802.1 standards.
    1. Circuit Breaker of Motor ProtectionGSM8-32 range motor protection circuit breaker adopts modular structure, so accessories such as auxiliary contact terminals, alarming terminals, under voltage release, shunt release, etc. can be easily mounted onto it.
    1. Motor Protection Circuit BreakerGSM8-80 range circuit breaker is designed for motor protection primarily. It is able to offer three-phase electric motors overload and short circuit protections, infrequent starting function, in-operation switching off function, and so on. It can also be used as an isolation switch.

TS213 is a professional power distribution electrical apparatus manufacturer, based in China. The wide range of products we offer includes small circuit breaker, switch contactor, molded case circuit breaker, power distribution box, and more.

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  • Armoured AC Metal Enclosed SwitchgearKYN28A-12 armoured AC metal enclosed switchgear is an indoor power distribution unit meeting GB3906, DL404, and IEC-298 standards. It can be used for receiving and distribute electrical power from 3.6kV to 12kV, and control, protection and monitoring of electrical circuits.
  • Fixed Metal Enclosed SwitchgearHXGN15A-12ZF (R) fixed metal enclosed switchgear is applicable for use in the power distribution system in residential buildings, high rise official buildings, parks, industrial and mining industries, and so on.