Miniature Breaker

Miniature Breaker Miniature Breaker Miniature Breaker

DZX2-60 and DZX4-60 models miniature circuit breaker are designed for use in AC 50Hz electrical circuits and come with rated working voltage up to 380V and rated working current of 60A or below. They provide overload and short circuit protections for circuits of lighting system, electrical power distribution system and motors. They can also be used for infrequent switching of electrical circuits and infrequent starting of motors.
Our miniature circuit breaker adopts modular structure design, and can be combined with shunt release, auxiliary contacts, alarming contacts, and more accessories to achieve more additional functions. It has advantages such as small size, light weight, and high breaking capacity. In addition, the electrical switch conforms to IEC60898, GB10963 and JB6525 standards, and has been CCC and CE certified.

Type Description

Design Series Number

Classification by applicationDesign series numberInstantaneous release type
Illumination distribution system2C
Industry distribution system4D
Technical Specifications
TypeRated working current (A)Pole numberRated working voltageBreaking capacity Ics (A)
2, 3, 4380V
2, 3, 4380V
Outline and Installation Dimensions

TypePole Numberabcdefg
DZX4-602, 3, 47468.5
Wiring Terminals

TS213 is a professional miniature breaker manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide range of products, including AC low voltage power distribution cabinet, UTE standard formed rail, earth leakage circuit breaker, and more.

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Other Products
  • Plastic Cover Circuit BreakerDZX2/4-100 circuit breaker is designed with a plastic cover and modular structure. It can be combined with other functional modules such as shunt release, undervoltage release, overvoltage release, alarming contact and auxiliary contacts to achieve more functions.
  • Electric Breaker Equipment AccessoriesAccording to users' demand, variety of electrical breaker equipment accessories can be used in combination with DZX2/4 series circuit breakers, thus enabling the breaker to achieve more functions such as undervoltage protection, overvoltage protection, and status display, among others.