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Leakage Circuit Breaker

GSB2L-32N range of leakage circuit breaker is characterized by small size, light weight and high breaking capacity. Its width is 36mm only. The product conforms to IEC61009-1 and GB16917.1 standards. It is applicable for protection single phase AC 50Hz or 60Hz electrical circuits in residential buildings, and comes with rated working voltage of 240V, rated current of 32A or below. It provides overload and short circuit protection functions, and it is also able to offer protection against direct and indirect electric shock hazards, and leakage current protection caused by equipment's insulation faults.

Type Description

Main Technical Parameters
Basic parameters

Over-current release characteristics

Action characteristic curve

Outline and Installation Dimensions

Usage and Maintenance
1. The phase line and zero line must be correctly connected. Please connect wires according to the terminal identification and fasten the wire terminal securely. We recommend using clip type wire terminals and don't recommend non-authorized parameter or structure adjustment.
2. Please press the button once a month, so as to make sure the circuit breaker is reliable in operation.
3. When the electrical apparatus operates to protect circuits, the reset button will bounce up. Users have to press the reset button to resume the electrical switch's normal operation.
4. The breaker cannot provide protections when it connects to the phase line and neutral line synchronously.

More information of the product is given in the following PDF.

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