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Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

GSB2L-63 range earth leakage circuit breaker is mainly composed of a GSB2 series miniature breaker and an earth leakage protection module. It is designed for automatic switch of AC 50Hz and 60Hz electrical circuits with rated working voltage of 425V and rated working current of 63A or below. It offers not only protection against earth leakage but also overload and short circuit protections. This electrical switch can also be used for infrequent switching of electrical circuits, and infrequent starting of electric motors as well.

Type Description

Main Technical Parameters

Wiring and Installation Dimensions

Usage and Maintenance
The earth leakage circuit breaker can be used in TT systems in which the transformer's neutral point is connected to earth.
1. In this usage condition, the electrical switch's rated current, overload and short circuit protection functions are all preset by the manufacturing factory, and those parameters cannot be adjusted during operation.
2. After installed and used for a month usually, the product needs to be tested by pressing the Testing Button at power on conditions, so as to make sure it offers reliable operation.
3. After the breaker acts to protect the circuit from damages caused by earth leakage and so on, it can be reset to resume normal operation after resetting of the RESET HANDLE.
4. When contacts within the circuit breaker are separated to discontinue the electric flow, users have to find and eliminate the faults before resetting the breaker.
5. GSB2L-63 range of products cannot be used for protection against electric shock hazard caused by two wires which are both connected to the protected circuit.
6. The phase line and zero line must be correctly connected.
7. While using the GSB2L-63 in an electrical distribution system, the zero line of load ends in the system, except the neutral point of the transformer, cannot be connected to the ground.
8. Each branch circuit protected by the earth leakage circuit breaker should have its own independent zero line.
9. In the electrical distribution system, the load of adjacent breakers cannot be earth connected synchronously or share the same grounding terminal.

Other information such as the working and installation conditions, structure and working principle, etc. can be found in the following PDF document.

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