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Residual Current Circuit Breaker

GSL1 range residual current circuit breaker comes with rated insulation voltage of 800V, rated working current of 400V, and rated working current of 630V, and is applicable for infrequent switching of AC 50Hz circuits, and the infrequent starting control of electric motors as well. It provides overload protection, short circuit protection and under-voltage protection functions, thus avoiding electrical circuit and electrical equipment damages. In addition, the electrical switch is able to assure personnel safety because it can protect against potential fire risks caused by ground fault.

Main Technical Specifications

Acting Time

Type Description

According to different classification methods, the electrical device can be divided into variety of types. For instance, there are three-pole and four pole types, types for use in electrical distribution system and for use in electrical motor protection, types with varied wiring methods, and types with or without accessories, to name a few. Almost all differences between circuit breakers can be indicated in their type numbers. More details, please contact us for more information.

The product is characterized by small size, high breaking capacity, and good vibration resistance. It can be either vertically or horizontally installed. In order to make sure feel secure in purchasing our products, we design and manufacture the residual current circuit breaker in rigorous conformation with IEC60947-1, GB14048.1, IEC60947-2, GB14048.2, IEC60947-4-1, GB14048.4 and CCC requirements.

In order to assure safety, the electrical apparatus should be installed in places without explosion dangers, conductive dust particles, or corrosive materials. Meanwhile, it should be avoid raining and snow. The installation and wiring method should be in strict conformation with the User Manual.

1. GSL1 range of circuit breaker itself comes with ground fault protection function. When any of the phase losses, it is able to offer earth leakage protection as usual.
2. The rated residual current and the acting time can be adjustment on-site according to users' demands.
3. With low voltage protection function, the electrical device can offer earth leakage protection as normal even when the phase voltage is decreased to 80V.
4. Electric leakage alarm output function is available. When the residual current of an electrical equipment or circuit reaches or exceeds a preset value, the breaker with electric leakage alarming module will output a passive signal to drive the alarming device.


Release Pattern and Accessories Code

Power Loss and Breaking Capacity Reduction Conditions
1. Power Loss

Breaking Capacity Reduction Condition Caused by Temperature Increase

Protection Features of Breakers for Power Distribution System Use

Protection Features of Breakers for Motor Protection Use

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