Motor Protection Circuit Breaker

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Motor Protection Circuit Breaker

GSM8-80 range circuit breaker is designed for motor protection primarily. It is able to offer three-phase electric motors overload and short circuit protections, infrequent starting function, in-operation switching off function, and so on. It can also be used as an isolation switch. The product is manufactured in according with related low voltage switching equipment and control equipment standards, including GB14048.2, GB14048.3 and GB14048.4. It is also certified by CCC. So customers can feel secure in using.

Type Description

Main Technical Specifications
Current code Rated working current In(A)Current setting range(A)Rated insulation voltage, UiRated impulse withstand voltage, UimpIcu/Ics(KA) Ue:415VLifespan (times)Operation frequency (h-1)
Switch on Switch off
Short-circuit breaking capacity
Release current setting range code Current setting range, lr (A)Rated current, In (A)Rated breaking capacity (Ue: 415V)
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity (Icu)Rated service short-circuit breaking capacity (Ics)
4025~404035 KA18 KA
6340~636335 KA18 KA
8056~808015 KA8 KA

Circuit-Breaker Accessory
1. Accessories and function

Accessory nameAccessory code No. Wiring pictureContact typeNote
Auxiliary contactF11 One normal open One normal closeFixed on the right side of the circuit breaker, and at least one set of auxiliary contact for one breaker
F12 Two normal open
2. Accessory character parameters
Rated insulation voltage690V
Convention thermal current6A
Electrify operate times10000
Non-electrify operate time15000
AC-15(V) Rated work voltage48110/127230/240380/415440500690
(A)Rated work current64.
DC-13(V)Rated work voltage244860110220--
(A)Rated work current6531.30.5--
Outline and Mounting Dimensions Wiring Picture

Usage Instructions
1. The motor protection circuit breaker should be vertically installed, and before installation, please make sure the technical parameters of the product listed on the nameplate can meet your application demands.
2. Before connected to the power system, the electrical switch should be given several times manual operation to make sure it offers reliable, flexible and smooth operations.
3. The electrical circuit is connected if the CLOSING button in black color is pressed. The circuit is disconnected if the OPENING button in red color is pressed.
4. During use, the product should be given monthly check to assure reliable operation.
5. When the motor protection circuit breaker functions to protect the electrical circuit from overload or short circuit damages, users should firstly eliminate the faults in the circuit before resetting the breaker.
6. Product maintenance without authority is not allowed.
7. Before use, please make sure the current adjustment knob is in proper position, so as to avoid using the electrical apparatus in overload conditions.

TS213 is a specialized motor protection circuit breaker manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company also provides low voltage switch cabinet, small circuit breaker, thermal overload contactor relay, machine reverse AC contactor, and more.

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