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Release Patterns and Code for Inner Accessories

1. 200 stands for molded case circuit breaker with electromagnetic release pattern, 300 refers to the one with thermo-electromagnetic release pattern
2. In GSM1-63, 100, 225, 250 four poles breakers with A type N-pole, accessories in the following codes are unavailable: 240, 340, 260, 360, 268, 368.
3. In GSM1-400, 630, 800 range products with accessory code of 248, 348, 278, and 378, there is only one pair of auxiliary contacts, one is normal opened and the other is normal closed. Products with accessory code of 268, 368 have three pairs of auxiliary contacts.
4. GSM1-63 (6A) type comes with short circuit protection function only.

Protection Feature, Characteristic Curve and Current-Temperature Characteristic
The following table describes the protection feature of molded case circuit breakers for power distribution system protection.

The following table describes the protection feature of products for motor protection.

Capacity-Reducing Factor
The following table indicates the capacity-reduction factor of our breakers caused by temperature changes.

The following table indicates the capacity-reduction factor of products caused by elevation changes. When the elevation exceeds 2,000m, the electrical performance of the electrical switch will change accordingly. Details are shown in the following table.

More information please click the following PDF document.
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As a China-based molded case circuit breaker manufacturer, TS213 offers a broad range of products, including miniature circuit breaker, residual current circuit breaker, overload procession device, thermal overload contactor relay, and more.

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  • Automatic Transfer SwitchGSA1 series of automatic transfer switch is designed for use in dual-power supply electrical systems, and the dual-power supply system could be mains supply and standby power supply, or the mains supply and power generating system.