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Miniature DC Circuit Breaker Miniature DC Circuit Breaker

GSB1Z-40 range miniature DC circuit breaker is applicable for use in DC electrical circuits to offer overload protection, short circuit protection and infrequent circuit switching functions. Its rated working voltage is up to 250V and rated working current is 40A. The electrical switch can be combined with many other accessories to achieve more functions. Its modular structure design makes it easy to combine with auxiliary contacts, alarming contacts, shunt release and more. The product complies with IEC60947-2 and GB14048.2 standards, and has earned CCC and CE certifications.

Type Description

Table 1
release type
Pole numberFrame rated current
(Max. rated current)
Rated operating current,
ln (A) (+30±20℃)
GSB1Z-40C1P, 2P40A1, 2, 3, 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40

Note: According to customers' special demands, we can offer tailor made products, such as products with rated working current of 50A or 63A, and products with three poles or four poles.

Main Technical Parameters

Type Pole
Rated DC
Rated insulation
voltage, Ui
Breaking capacity,
Operation performanceOperation frequency
life span
life span
GSB1Z-401P127V500V10 KA10000 times20000 times120
2P127/250V20/10 KA
Outline and Mounting Dimensions

Unit: mm
GSB1Z-401P8072184066. 54537. 5
2P, 3P, 4P7468. 5

Wiring Picture
Circuit breaker wiring terminals and polarity are marked in following pictures.

Operating Instruction
1. During wiring connection, please connect wire in accordance with the pole signs marked on wiring terminals, so as to make sure the current in the circuit breaker flow in from + pole, and flow out from – pole.
2. The electrical switch can be either vertically or horizontally installed.
3. The performance parameters are preset before leaving factory, and users must not adjust the parameters without authority.
4. The auxiliary contacts, alarming contacts, and shunt release for GSB1Z-40 range of products is also compatible with DZX2 / 4 series products.

More information is available in the following PDF document.

As a China-based miniature DC circuit breaker manufacturer and supplier, TS213 also offers low voltage drawer switch cabinet, circuit breaker of motor protection, reverse switch, and AC contactor, among others.

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