Small Circuit Breaker

Small Circuit Breaker

DZX2-32N range small circuit breaker is designed for overload and short circuit protections for single phase AC 50Hz electrical circuits, and it comes with rated working voltage up to 220V, and rated working current up to 32A or below. The electrical apparatus is designed and manufactured in accordance with IEC60898 and GB10963 standards. It has compact structure and small size. Its width is only 18mm. Its small size also contributes to light weight and easy installation. In addition, it comes with high breaking capacity.

Type Description

Main Technical Parameters
Rated operating
current (A)
Pole numberFrame rated current
(Max. rated current) (A)
Rated operating
voltage (V)
Short-circuit breaking capacity Mechanical
lifespan (times)
The expected
breaking capacity
Power factor
6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 321P+N3222045000.75-0.8020,000

Outline Dimensions and Mounting Dimensions

Note: The circuit breaker can be installed in distribution cabinets.

Operating Instruction
The structure of the small circuit breaker requires absolutely correct connection of phase line and neutral line. Reversed connection may cause damages. So, users have to connect the wires according to the signs on wiring terminals, and the terminals have to be secured tightly. Clamp type terminals and wires of 10mm2 or below are recommended to be used.

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