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Electric Breaker Equipment Accessories

According to users' demand, variety of electrical breaker equipment accessories can be used in combination with DZX2/4 series circuit breakers, thus enabling the breaker to achieve more functions such as undervoltage protection, overvoltage protection, and status display, among others. The equipment accessory name, code and applications are given in the following table.

AuxiliarycontactOFProvide auxiliary signals, and control auxiliary circuits
Alarming contact SDOffering alarming information when the circuit breaker operates to protect the circuit against faults
Shunt releaseMX+OFSwitch off electrical circuit in long distance, and functions to control the auxiliary circuits via its own auxiliary contacts.
Under-voltage releaseMNThe undervoltage release allows the circuit breaker to protect electrical circuit effectively when the supply voltage dropped by 35% to 70%.
Over-voltage releaseGYWhen the 280V or 480V supply voltage is increased by 5%, the circuit breaker will operate automatically to achieve overvoltage protection function.

Structure Features and Standard
All the electrical breaker equipment accessory products are small in size and come with modular structure design. They conform to related international standards. For instance, the auxiliary contacts conform to IEC60947-5-1 and GB14048.5 standard, alarming contacts IEC60947-2 and GB14048.2 standard, shunt release IEC60947-1 and GB14048.1 standards, and undervoltage release IEC60947-2 and GB14048.2 standards.

Main Technical Parameters
1. Auxiliary contact and alarming contact

NameRated currentContact number in each groupWiring picture
AC: 380VAC: 220VDC: 110V
Auxiliary contact361One normal open and one normal close
Alarming contact 361
2. Shunt release
Rated insulation voltageRated voltage of control power supply (AC/DC)Release power (W or VA)Pull-in voltageWiring picture
3. Under-voltage release
Rated operatingvoltagePull-in voltageRelease voltageWiring picture
AC: 220V 380V(0.85~1.1)Ue(0.35~0.7)Ue
4. Over-voltage release
Rated operating voltageAction voltageWiring picture

Outline and Mounting Dimensions
1. Dimension of auxiliary contacts, alarming contacts and shunt release

Note: Auxiliary contact and alarming contact, a = 9; shunt release, a = 18
2. Dimension of under-voltage release and over-voltage release

All the accessories are fixed onto the side surfaces of circuit breakers, and given below is the detailed installation information.

Installation wayElectrical equipment accessory combination Remark
Left side installationAuxiliary contact OF-
Alarming contact SD
Alarming contact SD + Auxiliary contact OF
Right side installation Shunt release MX+OFThose right side installation electrical breaker equipment accessories cannot be installed synchronously. Only one of them can be fixed to the circuit breaker.
Under-voltage release MN
Over-voltage release GY

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