JDX9 Range Terminal

JDX9 range wiring terminal is designed for electrical wire connection in the main circuit, control circuit, electrical signal control system and electric drive system of various types of equipment and power distribution systems, such as distribution board, power distribution cabinet, machine tool, hoister, and more. It is commonly used in AC 50Hz/60Hz electrical circuits, and comes with rated voltage below 660V and conventional thermal current no more than 101A.
User-friendly designed, the wiring terminals are easy to use and offers great universality, light weight, small size, and good resistance to impact, corrosion, dust, and so on. They can be installed using 35mm U type rail or 32mm G type rail.

Type Description

Main Technical Parameters and Standard Work Conditions
Type\Specifications JDX9-32JDX9-41JDX9-57JDX9-76JDX9-101JDX9-6.3RJDX9-10R
Rated insulation voltage (V)690V
Rated working voltage (V)660V
Rated wiring capacity (mm2)2.5461016410
Weight (kg)0.0070.0080.0160.0270.0440.0160.038
StandardGB/T14048.1 GB14048.7 IEC60947-7-1
Ambient environment -5℃~+40℃ (the average temperature in 24 hours≤35℃)
Installation conditionAny direction
Insulation resistance 1.5ΜΩ
Rated impulse withstand voltage, Uimp (AC)8KV
Outline and Installation Dimensions




JDX9-101J JDX9-B

JDX9-101J JDX9-B

We are a terminal manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide range of products, including contactor relay, IEC standard basic wiring board, dustproof AC contactor, and miniature circuit breaker, etc.

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