GSH2 Range Reverse Switch

GSH2 Range Reverse Switch

GSH2 range reverse switch meets GB 14048.3 and IEC 60947-3 standards. It is designed to make or break an electrical switch, control a three-phase asynchronous motor, or control a main circuit. A small current changeover switch can be fixed at the back end of a large current reversing switch to function as an auxiliary switch.

Type Description

Technical Parameters
Rated insulation voltage, Ui (V)V690690690690
Conventional thermal current(A)A253263115
Rated working voltage, Ue (V)V230400230400230400230400
Rated working current, Ie (A)
AC-21A AC-22AA252532326363115115
Rated control power
Mechanical lifeMillion times30
Electrical lifeMillion times3
Operating frequencytime/h120

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