GSH1 Range Reverse Switch

GSH1 Range Reverse Switch

GSH1 range reverse switch is also known as reversing switch. It allows users to manually making and breaking an AC 50Hz circuit with rated working voltage of 690V. Under AC-21A utilization category and 220V rated working voltage, it comes with rated working current between 40A and 63A. Under AC-3 utilization category, the reversing switch comes with rated working voltage up to 380V and rated working current from 25A to 40A, and can be used for direct starting or stopping a running three phase squirrel cage induction motor.

Type Description

Product Classification and Corresponding Specifications

Rated Working Voltage and Current

Main Performance Characteristics
1. The reverse switch can work on right-hour duty, continuous duty, or intermittent periodical duty. The contact resistance for products with 40A working current is no more than 2mΩ, and that for products with 63A working current is no more than 1mΩ.
2. This electrical component comes with superior dielectric properties. It is able to withstand 3000V supply voltage for one minute, and the leakage current is no more than 50mA.
3. The switch offers flexible and accurate operation.

Rated Making and Breaking Capacity with Normal Load

Performance Specifications under AC-3 Utilization Category

Outline and Installation Dimensions
GSH1-40A, 63A 

GSH1-40A, 40, 63

Wiring Picture
On and off switch (code: TD)

Phase-change switch (code: HX)

Linked switch (code: not labeled) Interlock switch (code: HS)

As a China-based reverse switch manufacturer and supplier, TS213 also offers armoured AC metal enclosed switchgear, lighting, metering, socket distribution box, switch contactor, and Star-Delta starter, among others.

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Other Products
  • GSH2 Range Reverse SwitchGSH2 range reverse switch meets GB 14048.3 and IEC 60947-3 standards. It is designed to make or break an electrical switch, control a three-phase asynchronous motor, or control a main circuit. A small current changeover switch can be fixed at the back end of a large current reversing switch to function as an auxiliary switch.
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