Button Switch

 Button Switch

LAY3 range button switch or push button switch is ideal for use in the AC 50Hz or 60Hz control circuits for control some aspect of a CNC machine tool, shipbuilding, textile, printing, or power generation equipment, etc. It is in modular structure and is mainly made up of an actuator, base board and contact terminals. It is typically screw mounted.

Type Description

More detailed type description is available in the PDF document on this page.

Technical Parameters

Three Positions Key, Knob Exercise Picture

Refers to closed contact
Refers to opened contact, and the rotary angle of the key is 45°
① refers to the first group of contact terminals
② refers to the second group of contact terminals, and the key rotary angle is also 45°
③ refers to the third group of contact terminals
④ refers to the fourth group of contact terminals

Assembly and Disassembly Method

1. Before installation, pry the locking plate on the fixed base board, and then remove the actuator from the base.
2. While mounting a Φ22.5mm button switch, please insert the actuator into the mounting hole from the front side of the mounting plate, and then screw the fastening ring tightly from the back side of the plate. When assemble a Φ30.5mm push button switch, a stepping ring is required before screwing the fastening ring.
3. Fasten the fixed base and contact terminals.
4. While disassembly, please pry the locking plate on the fixed base, and then the fixed base and contact terminals can be drawn out.

Installation size and more detailed type description are available in the PDF document.

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