Contactor and Relay Accessories

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    1. Air Time Delay Terminal / Contact TerminalSK4-d range air time delay terminal and F3-d, F3-d1, F3-d2, F3-X ranges of auxiliary contact terminals are commonly used contactor and relay accessories. They can be fixed on AC contactors or contactor relays for expanding contact quantity, for delayed or instantaneous making or breaking of a control circuit.

As an experienced contactor and relay accessories manufacturer in China, TS213 provides a wide range of products that includes overload procession device, low voltage switch cabinet, machine interlock switch contactor, miniature breaker, and more.

Other Products
  • GSC3 Switch ContactorThe switch contactor is a straight motion mechanism with double-braking contacts.
    Auxiliary contacts (F3-d1, F3-X1) can be installed on the sides of the device. Meanwhile, interlocked contactors can be achieved by mounting an interlock mechanism on the apparatus's sides.
  • GSC2-F Range Switch ContactorGSC2-F range switch contactor is designed for use in an AC 50Hz or 60Hz electrical system with rated working voltage up to 660V. Under AC-3 utilization category and rated working voltage of 380V, its rated working current is between 115A and 630A.