Overload Procession Device

YZG2 range overvoltage suppressor is designed to absorb the surge current in electrical control circuit and the transient overvoltage in limiting circuit, thus improving the anti-electromagnetic interference capability of the entire circuit. It is characterized by small size, simple structure, good combination capability and high technical standard. It conforms to GB/T14048.1-2000 standards.

Type Description

Table 1

Protect typeRC circuitVoltage dependent resistor
Table 2
Voltage range24-48V50-127V110-240V
Table 3
Power typeAC/DCAC

Structure Feature and Work Principle
1. YZG2 overvoltage suppressor can be combined with CJX4 and GSC1 (CJX4-d) range AC contactors, or CJX4-ZA DC contactors. Through side surface clip mounting, they can be combined into one unit without increasing installation area.
2. The electrical apparatus is classified into RC circuit type and voltage dependent resistor type. RC circuit type is ideal for use in AC control circuits. The capacitor can reduce coil's natural oscillation frequency and the peak value of overvoltage. The series resistor can be used for charging current limit for the capacitor when the control contacts close. Voltage dependent resistor type overvoltage suppressor is optimum for use in AC or DC electromagnetic circuit, to protect circuit against excessive transient voltages.

Basic Parameters
TypeRated insulation
voltage, Ui (V)
Rated working voltage
(V)50Hz or 60Hz
Core typeRelative product
YZG2-11JC/21JC/31JC250AC24V~240VRC circuitGSC1 (CJX4-d)
YZG2-11JD/21JD/31JD24V~240VCJX4, GSC1 (CJX4-d)
YZG2-11JG/21JG/31JG24V~240VCJX4, GSC1 (CJX4-d)
YZG2-12TK/22TK/32TK250AC or DC24V~240VVoltage dependent resistorGSC1 (CJX4-d), CJX4-Zd
YZG2-12TC/22TC/32TC24V~240VGSC1 (CJX4-d), CJX4-Zd
YZG2-12TD/22TD/32TD24V~240VGSC1 (CJX4-d), CJX4-ZdCJX4
YZG2-12TG/22TG/32TG24V~240VGSC1 (CJX4-d)CJX4-Zd, CJX4

Note: The delivery cycle for YZG2-12TG/22TG/32TG types of products is much longer than other types.

1. During transportation and warehousing process, the over voltage suppressor should be kept away from rain and snow, and the ambient environment should be ventilating and comes relative humidity no more than 90% and ambient temperature between -25℃ and 40℃. The device should be parallel connected on the two ends of contactor's coil.

Outline and Installation Dimensions

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