1. GSR3 Range Electric Overload Contactor RelayGSR3 range electric overload contactor relay is used in AC 50Hz/60Hz electrical circuit for protection three phase electric motors against overload, phase-breaking, and three phase unbalance. Additionally, it can offer thermal memory function.
    1. JRS4-DR Range Thermal Overload Contactor RelayJRS4-dR range thermal overload contactor relay is designed to protect AC motors against overload and phase-breaking. It is designed with setting current regulation device, manual and automatic resetting function, normally closed contact disconnection button, ambient temperature compensation function ...
    1. JRS4-D Range Thermal Overload Contactor RelayJRS4-D range thermal overload contactor relay is ideal for use in AC 50Hz or 60Hz electrical circuit with rated operating voltage up to 660V. It functions to protect AC motors against damages caused by overload and phase breaking.
    1. JRS4-F Range Thermal Overload Contactor RelayJRS4-F range thermal overload contactor relay is commonly used in construction, mechanical and metallurgy industries to protect electric motors against damages caused by overload or phase breaking. Also, it has ambient temperature compensation, manual and automatic resetting ...
    1. GSJ3 Range Contactor RelayGSJ3 range contactor relay comes with compact structure, and good dustproof function. It comes with two kinds of contact types. One is five normal open contacts, and the other is three normal open and two normal closed contacts.
    1. JZC3-D Range Contactor Relay Free air heating current agreement:10
      Rated current (le) A(inductive load): AC-15(380) 0.95
      Rated current (le) A(inductive load): DC-13(220) 0.15...
    1. JZC3-DZ Range DC Operate Contactor RelayJZC3-DZ range DC operate contactor relay is designed for use in AC 50Hz or 60Hz electrical circuits to control electromagnetic coils, so as to achieve functions like signal amplification and signal transmission. Its rated operating voltage is up to 380V. It can also be used in DC 220 control circuits.
    1. JZC3-E Range Contactor RelayJZC3-E range contactor relay can be used to control various types of electromagnetic coil for signal amplification or transmission uses. F3-E auxiliary contacts can be mounted to one of the sides of the relay.
    1. JZX5/JZG6 Range Small Control RelayJZX5 and JZG5 ranges of small control relay are characterized by small size, light weight, high reliability and high breaking capacity as well as long service life. It is designed for circuit switching and expanding control range in electronic equipment, communication equipment, electronic computerized control ...
    1. JSK4-D Range Air Time JSK4-D range air time delay contactor relay is designed to make or break an electrical circuit based on preset time. It comes with modular structure, and is mainly made up of a JZC3-22d contactor relay and SK4-d air time delay terminals.

TS213 is an experienced relay manufacturer based in China. Our products include small control relay, Star-Delta starter, air time delay contactor relay, switch contactor, and much more.

Other Products
  • GSC1-4011FC-6511FC Range Dustproof AC Contactor ContactorThe range of dustproof AC contactor is especially designed for use in harsh environments with strong dust. To illustrate, it has found applications in power circuit switching in welding, textile, cement production, and flour processing industries as well as other places requiring electrical devices ...
  • CJX4-E Range AC ContactorThe plug matching with our plug wire connection type circuit breaker and auxiliary contacts comes with model of TT1-2.5/6.3×0.8. We cannot offer this model of plug, so users have to buy it additionally from the market.