JRS4-D Range Thermal Overload Contactor Relay

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Outline and Installation Dimensions
JRS4-D range of thermal overload contactor relay offers two types of installation method. One is combination type mounting which refers to plugging JRS4-D series of relays on GSC1 series contactors, and the other is independent mounting which refers to install the electrical apparatus independently using screws or 35mm rail.

JRS4-09d, 12d, 18d, 25d
Combination installation

Independent installation by rail or screw

Combination installation

JRS4-40d, 50d, 65d, 80d
Combination installation

Independent installation by rail or screw

Combination installation

Independent Mounting Base
Relay typeJRS4-09301d-25322dJRS4-40353d-80363d
Independent mounting base type JRS4-09/25dJRS4-40/80d
Independent installation methodScrew or rail mounting

Structure and Function Description
① Setting current adjustment button
② Release indicator
③ Normally closed contact breaking button
④ Reset button A: automatic reset M: manual reset
⑤ 95, 96, 97, and 98 are auxiliary contact connect terminals; 95 and 96 are normally closed contact, and 97 and 98 are normally open contacts.
⑥ Main circuit wiring terminal code
⑦ Test button

1. Users are not allowed to open the contactor relay's cover plate to make any structural adjustment. The thermal overload contactor relay should be horizontally installed and its cover plate should be upward.
2. Users should choose an appropriate model of relay based on motor model, capacity, starting and load conditions as well as application places. The relay's setting current should also be accordingly adjusted to ensure compatibility with motor's rated operating current.
3. When leaving factory, the reset button of the electrical apparatus is in manual reset position.
4. Secure screw fastening is necessary during combination installation.
5. JRS4-140d is made up of a relay and a mounting base. It can be installed in combination with GSC1-115-170 and GSC1-80-95 types of contactors, or independently mounted.

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