JSK4-D Range Air Time

JSK4-D Range Air Time

JSK4-D range air time delay contactor relay is designed to make or break an electrical circuit based on preset time. It comes with modular structure, and is mainly made up of a JZC3-22d contactor relay and SK4-d air time delay terminals. The electrical apparatus works based on air damping theory, and uses powder metallurgy strip as the air filter. It is capable of continuous adjustment of the delayed time.

Type Description
Coil Voltage

Coil voltage (V)2448110-120220-240380
Main Technical Parameters
Type / parameters Air time delay contactor relay
Rated insulation voltage (V) 690
Rated working voltage (V) AC: 380
DC: 220
Conventional thermal current, lth (A) 10
Rated working current (A) AC15(380V) 0.95
Rated working current (A) DC13(220V) 0.15
Connectable minimum load 24V 10mA
Rated operation frequency (times/hour) 1200
Life span Mechanical 3×106
Life span Electrical 0.5×106
Standard IEC60947-5 GB14048.5
Coil parameters Pull-in voltage Us 0.85~1.1
Release voltage Us 0.2~0.75
Pull-in power VA 70
Maintain power VA/W 8VA/1.8~2.7W
Isolated resistant (MΩ) 10
Withstand voltage (AC) 2500V:1 Min
Time-delay repeat error ≤±5%
Time-delay stability error ≤±15%
Temperature error ≤±0.3%
Reset time <0.5S
Outline and Mounting Dimensions

Wiring Picture

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