GSR3 Range Electric Overload Contactor Relay

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GSR3 Range Electric Overload Contactor Relay

GSR3 range electric overload contactor relay is used in AC 50Hz/60Hz electrical circuit for protection three phase electric motors against overload, phase-breaking, and three phase unbalance. Additionally, it can offer thermal memory function. That is, it can memorize the thermal generation conditions of motors caused by starting, operating, overload and so on. It can also be combined with AC contactor to construct a motor starter. It comes with rated operating voltage up to 660V and rated operating current up to 95A.

Type Description

Technical Parameters

Structure Feature
1. The electric overload contactor relay incorporates a three phase current transformer, ensuring effective protection of AC motors.
2. Using a single chip microprocessor for real time data treatment, the product offers high operation reliability.
3. GSR3 comes with two different ranges of release time, to suit customers’ varied demands. Meanwhile, it is designed with working status indicating lights, which makes operation status easier for monitoring.
4. Inside the overload relay, there is a mathematical model which is the same with the thermal protection curve for the motor. So the product can protect the motor well.
5. This range of electrical apparatus can work under wide range of temperatures, and is energy efficiency.

Current Character and Setting Current Adjustment Range

Working Status Indicating

Outline and Installation Sizes


Installation size with independent mounting base


Wiring Picture

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