CJX4-E Range AC Contactor

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CJX4-E Range AC Contactor

Type Description

Note: The plug matching with our plug wire connection type circuit breaker and auxiliary contacts comes with model of TT1-2.5/6.3×0.8. We cannot offer this model of plug, so users have to buy it additionally from the market.

Coil Voltage (table 1)

TypePower frequency HzCoil voltage (V)
Rated Working Current and Control Power (table 2)
TypeRated working current, le A (380V) AC-3 utilization category Contact quantity (1)
Control power(KW)
220V 380V/415V 440V/ 500V 660V
CJX4-06E61.5 2.2 3 33P+NC 3P+NO
CJX4-09E92.2 4 4 43P+NC 3P+NO

3P: three pairs of normal open main contact
NO: one pair of normal open auxiliary contact
NC: one pair of normal closed auxiliary contact

Technical Specifications
Parameters / TypeCJX4-06ECJX4-06ECJX4-09ECJX4-09E
StandardIEC60947-4 GB14048.4
Rated working current (A)
(AC3 utilization category)
380 V69
660 V57.5
Conventional thermal current (A)16161616
Rated working voltage (V)380 660
Rated Insulation voltage (V)690
AC-3 (6le,le)Electrical lifespan (times)0.5×1060.5×106
Operation frequency (h-1)12001200
AC-4 (6le,6le)Electrical lifespan (times)10×10410×10410×10410×104
Operation frequency (h-1)300300
Mechanical lifespan (times)3×106
Auxiliary contactConventional thermal current (A) 6 A
Electrical lifespan (times)AC-15 (360VA)0.5×106
Minimum connectable load 24V 10mA
Coil specificationsRated control voltage (V)Ac:12,24,48,110,220,380
Pull voltage 0.85 Us~1.1 Us
Release voltage 0.2 Us~0.75 Us
Coil power (VA)Pull-in 40
Maintain 8
Release power 1.2W
Pull-in time 6~18ms
Release time5~23ms
Power factorConnecting: 0.8
Disconnecting: 0.3
Outline and Installation Dimension

Wire Connection Capacity of Wiring Terminals
Screw connection Plug connection
No cold terminal1×0.75mm2~2×2.5mm2Can connect to one TTI-2.5/6.3×0.8 type plug
With cold terminal2×1mm2~1×2.5mm2

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