GSC1-4011FC-6511FC Range Dustproof AC Contactor

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GSC1-4011FC-6511FC Range Dustproof AC Contactor

The range of dustproof AC contactor is especially designed for use in harsh environments with strong dust. To illustrate, it has found applications in power circuit switching in welding, textile, cement production, and flour processing industries as well as other places requiring electrical devices with good dustproof function. It can be combined with a thermal overload relay to make up an electromagnetic starter, thus protecting electrical circuits from potential overload damages.

Type Description
Coil Voltage
TypeSupply frequency (Hz)Coil voltage (V)

Note: Products with other coil voltage are customizable.

Structure Features
1. The dustproof AC contactor is a straight motion mechanism with double-braking contacts.
2. Interlocking mechanism can be fixed onto the both sides of the device, thus achieving an interlocked contactor.
3. Auxiliary contacts (F3-d) or air type time-delay terminals (SK4-2/3d) can be installed on the top.
4. Time-delay terminals, amplifier module, over-voltage suppressor, and other functional modules can be connected to the coil terminals.
Note: Please specify this while placing orders, if air type time-delay terminals are going to be mounted on the top of the AC contactor.

Rated Working Current and Control Power Specifications
Type Rated working current (AC-3 380V) (A)Control power (AC-3 utilization category) (KW)Contactor quantity

3P: three pairs of normal open main contact
NO: one pair of normal open auxiliary contact
NC: one pair of normal closed auxiliary contact

Technical Specifications of Auxiliary Devices or Accessories
F3-d auxiliary contacts

TypeContactor quantity
F3-22d12NO+ 2NC
SK4-2/3d Air Type Tim-delay Terminals
Type Time-delaying range (S)Time-delay terminal quantity Remark
SK4-220d0.1~31NO+1NCTime delay when power on
SK4-320d0.1~3Time delay when power off

Contactor Specifications
Type GSC1-4011FCGSC1-5011FCGSC1-6511FC
Rated working current (AC-3 utilization category) ( A)380V405065
Conventional thermal current ( A)608080
Rated working voltage (V)380, 660380, 660380, 660
Rated Insulation voltage (V)690690690
AC-3 (6le, le)Electrical lifespan (×104, times)505050
Operating frequency ( h-1)600600600
AC-3 (6le,6 le)Electrical lifespan (×104, times)151515
Operating frequency ( h-1)150150150
Rated working current (A)380V18.52428
Auxiliary contactsConventional thermal current (A)10
Electrical lifespanAC-15 (360VA)The same as the main contacts (AC-3)
DC-13 (33W)
Minimum connectable load 24V, 10mA
Coil parametersRated control voltage (V)24, 48, 110, 200, 220, 380
Pull-in voltage 0.85Us~1.1Us
Release voltage 0.2Us~0.75Us
Coil power (VA)50/60HzPull-in 230
Mechanical life (×104, times)500
Outline Dimensions and Mounting Dimensions

Note: C1 refers to GSC1+F3-d; C2 refers to GSC1+SK4-d
Contactor type AmaxBmaxCmaxC1C2
GSC1-4011FC, 5011FC, 6511FC75128118151170
Wiring Connection

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