GSC1-4004-9504 Four Pole Switch Contactor

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GSC1-4004-9504 Four Pole Switch Contactor

The range of four pole switch contactor is designed to serve in three-phase four-wire electrical circuits, and offers functions such as long distance switching of a power circuit. The product is manufactured in rigorous conformation with IEC60947-4-1 and GB14048.4 standards.

Main Technical Parameters
Tye TypeParameters Type GSC1 (CJX4-d)
GSC1 (CJX4-d)
GSC1 (CJX4-d)
GSC1 (CJX4-d)
GSC1 (CJX4-d)
Rated working current
(AC3 utilization category)
( A)
660V34 39424949
Conventional thermal current ( A)608080125125
Rated working voltage (V)380 660
Rated insulation voltage (V)690
AC-3 (6le,le)Electrical lifespan
(×104, times)
Operating frequency ( h-1)600600600600600
AC-4 (6le,6le)Electrical lifespan
(×104 times)
Operating frequency ( h-1)300
Rated working
current (A)
Coil parameters Rated control voltage (V)24, 48, 110, 220, 380
Pull-in voltage 0.85~1.10Us
Release voltage 0.2~0.75 Us
Coil power
Pull-in 230230230230230
Mechanical life (×104, times)800600
Connecting wire cross
section area (mm2)
Wire quantity 1212121212
Soft wire10101616161650255025
Hard wire101025-25-50-50-
Outline Dimensions and Mounting Dimensions
Type Amax Cmax C1 C2
GSC1 (CJX4-d)-4004~6504 86 116 149 168
GSC1 (CJX4-d)-8004~9504 97 126 160 179
Wiring Connection

As a China-based four pole switch contactor manufacturer and supplier, TS213 also offers single pole normally closed DC contactor, reverse switch, low voltage drawer switch cabinet, and lighting, metering, socket distribution box, among others.

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