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GSC1 Range Switch Contactor GSC1 Range Switch Contactor GSC1 Range Switch Contactor GSC1 Range Switch Contactor

GSC1 range switch contactor can be used for long distance switching a power circuit, and it conforms to IEC60947-4 and GB14048.4 standards.

Type Description
GSC1-9A-95A Types

GSC1-115A-150A Types

Coil Voltage
TypeSupply frequency (Hz)Coil voltage (V)
TypeSupply frequency (Hz) Coil voltage (V)

Structure Features
1. The switch contactor is a straight motion mechanism with double-braking contacts.
2. It comes with combination function. Except the installation side, all other sides of the electrical apparatus can be mounted with accessories. For instance, auxiliary contacts (F3-d1) or interlocking mechanism can be mounted on the both sides. On the top of the AC contactor, auxiliary contacts (F3-d, or F3-d2) and air time-delay terminals (SK4-2d or SK4-3d) can be installed.
3. A time delayer and other functional modules can be connected to the coil terminals.
4. A thermal overload relay and an AC contactor can make up an electromagnetic starter to protect the electrical circuit from overload damages.

Working and Installation Condition
Common AC contactors
1. Ambient temperature: -5℃~+40℃
2. Elevation: ≤2000m
3. Relative humidity ≤ 50% (at the maximum ambient temperature of 40℃); the relative humidity could be higher when the ambient temperature is relatively lower. For instance, at 20℃, it can be 90%. Special measures should be taken to avoid or remove condensation caused by temperature changes.
4. Installation class: class III
5. Pollution grade: Grade: 3
6. Installation method: In addition to standard screw mounting, GSC1 range of AC contactors are also applicable for 35mm and 75mm standard track mounting.
Marine AC contactors
1. Ambient temperature: -25℃~+45℃
2. Air condition: be able to bear the influence of moisture in the air, salt fog, oil mist, mould, and humid air on the sea.
3. Tilting and swing angle ≤22.5°; swing period≤10s
4. All our marine AC contactors can be installed and used on places with vibration frequency between 2Hz and 13.2Hz, and vibration amplitude within ±1mm, as well as places with vibration frequency between 13.2Hz and 100Hz and acceleration speed within ±7m/s2.

Rated Working Current and Control Power
GSC1-9A-95A Types

TypeRated working current(AC-3, 380V) (A)Control power (kw)Contact quantity
220V380V415V440V660V3P+NO or 3P+NC
GS C1 -0 992.24445.5
GS C1 -1 21235.
GS C1 -1 81847.5999
GS C1 -2 5255.511111115
GS C1 -3 2327.515151518.5
GS C1 -3 838918.518.518.518.5
GS C1 -4 0401118.52222303P+NO+NC
GS C1 -5 0501522253033
GS C1 -6 56518.530373737
GS C1 -8 0802237454545
GS C1 -9 5952545454545
GSC1-115A-150A Types
thermal current (A)
AC-3 utilization category
Rated working current (A)Max. rated power when used for control of three phase squirrel-cage motors (KW)

3P: three pair normal open main contacts
NO: one pair of normal open auxiliary contacts
NC: one pair normal closed auxiliary contacts.

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Related Names
Contator of Stamp

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